CH. Nitewinds Kioa’s Diablo



He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

Number 1 owner handled Akita in America 2000.  Number 4 All-Breed.
“Nicest specimen in the breed in the last 20 years.”  B.J. Andrews

Owned by Marcus Wery

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents
Ch. Timbersky’s Heaven & Earth  Ch. Sondaissas Roping the Wind  Ch. Big-O’s Magnum Mac 
Ch. Skylake’s Tokyo Rose 
Ch. Timbersky’s Come Fly With Me  Ch. N Stars Coors Silver Bullet CD 
Ch. Sierra W’s Rose of Timbersky 
Ch. Nitewind’s Colo Contessa  Ch. Teton’s Tatanka Bill No Toki-o  Ch. Nami’s Shokko of Oka CD 
Ch. Jen’s Tiger Lily of Toki-o 
Ch. Kogarashi’s Queen Envy  Ch. Jen’s Only a Masquerade 
Aijin Echo Blach Orchid